The Smiler



The Smiler baby carrier's unique, convertible seat makes this the ideal carrier for infancy through toddler years. This baby carrier looks like it belongs in an outdoor store. Why? It’s built for hours of babywearing and keeps you and baby well supported. Ditch the clunky stroller and make the upgrade! Lightweight, adjustable, and ergonomic design that has both the adult and child’s comfort and safety in mind.

Heart to Heart Closeness: The carrier reinforces that special bond between you and your little one. The warmth your body gently calms the baby in a way that you can only get through the closeness the carrier provides. Infantino Swift Classic Carrier 

A Comfortable Baby is a Happy Baby: Keep your baby warm & comfy in any position and you'll be treated with nothing but smiles.


  • Carriers Type: Back Carry, Side Carry, Front Facing, Face-to-Face, Front Carry, Horizontal
  • Age Range: 0-3 years
  • Load Bearing: 20kg
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Design: Ergonomic baby carrier for efficiency & comfort

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