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The world of e-commerce has advanced greatly that a lot of people now procure items on the internet, and have them delivered to the house, without bothering to leave the apartment. That's the perks of having a fast-paced technology.

There are many online stores, selling various items, and many of them are focused on selling adult items, ignoring our bundles of immense joy- babies. Very few e-commerce stores have set up shop to sell products and offer services that will make raising a baby a lot easier.

Why have they ignored our bundles of joy for so long? This has led many parents and caring parties to always head to offline stores when they need baby items, instead of merely ordering it with ease, like they do with the rest of their items.

That's what Baby Craze is all about. We are an e-commerce store dedicated to giggly tiny humans that have somehow won our hearts with their pure innocence and glee. There is hardly any human that comes across that bundle of pure joy and wouldn't start craving to have a kid. Then why shouldn't a lot of online stores be falling over one another to satisfy their needs? Why are they relegated to the background?

Our mission

In this fast-paced world, sometimes, technology tends to change, and life tends to get easier. Since the days our parents nursed us, a lot of baby technologies have changed, and there are currently some very cool baby items that are available to make the lives of babies easier.

Just like the latest phones come out regularly, new and innovative baby items come out regularly to make the lives of both the baby and his or her parents more comfortable. That's what Baby Craze is about.

Baby Craze acts as a sort of middleman between the oven of new baby technologies and society in need of them. As an e-commerce store dedicated to giggly tiny humans, we have a number of intriguing items that are great for babies and their families.

Your baby is teething, we have the best and the latest in teething solutions. Do you want carriers that are very comfortable for your baby and will protect him or her from irritation? You are in the right place. Check out our host of appealing and effective carriers online.

Carrying a baby has gone past straddling the child on your arm to a lot more. There are a lot of carriers dedicated to allowing you to bond with your child without wearing your arm down or any other part of your body. There are a lot of baby items that can help monitor your child as he or she sleeps. Baby technology has grown to include a lot of awesome smart gadgets that can be controlled from your phone, wherever you are, and whenever you want.

Take a ride with us and take care of that baby with ease because you deserve it. Enjoy parenthood, bond more with that baby, and create a lot of fun memories that you can look back at, and smile in bliss.

Our blog

Baby technology has grown a lot and seems to change as every day goes by. This is why Baby Craze is dedicated to bringing to your notice these changes. Research is always ongoing daily, on how to safeguard our babies from illnesses and lots more. With these researches, comes a great understanding of how our babies’ function, and what items can help them function.

Is your baby having a problem sleeping? Do you want to bond better with him or her? Do you have a problem that you are facing with your baby? 
We have you covered. We are your support group. Since we are crazy about babies, like our name, 'Baby Craze' states, we spend our time, researching into intriguing new ways that babies and parents can bond, and their lives will not remain the same.

Let's start with the facts about postpartum depression (PPD): it is common 

Are you facing Postpartum Depression, and it is inhibiting your bonding experience? We have you covered. It is absolutely normal within reason. To some Postpartum depression is a sign of weakness on the part of the parent, hence is ignored by many parents.

In reality, it happens to over 15% of parents, and it is a form of mood disorder that is linked to childbirth. It could inhibit your bonding process with your kid, and sometimes, if not handled properly, could lead to you wishing that your baby die. 
Don’t worry, we have you covered. There are treatments for it like counseling or medications. Don't feel ashamed or an unworthy parent for having PPD, it occurs in a number of people, and you can't help it.

There is a myth that it occurs only in females, but that's not true. Both sexes suffer from it, and PPD has been linked to coming from a combination of emotional, as well as physical factors. Those who have bipolar disorder, or come from a family with depression history, childbirth complications, a disorder or drug use, psychological stress may have PPD.

Though some parents, especially mothers, may feel sad and worry for a few days after childbirth, that should not be mistaken with PPD. If it lasts for weeks, then it is most likely PPD. It is important that you discuss your thoughts and moods with your doctor.

There are a lot of topics touching babies and their parents that have continuously being overlooked or given little attention. At Baby Craze, we intend to dissect those topics and give out facts about them.

We're here to make the experience with your baby an unforgettable one

Raising a baby may not be rocket science, as babies differ in a lot of aspects, but we are dedicated to being the support system that you can lean on. You can call us your kids' virtual godparents.

The blog will go on to touch topics surrounding both parties like How To Be Fashionable As A Mother, Tips for soothing sore gums, and lots more. Both parties will surely be covered.

We intend to make a new blog post every two to three weeks. This will give us the time to make meaningful research before delivering innovative and intriguing blog posts that center on your child and you. At Baby Craze, we will also focus on those aspects that many baby blogs are scared of. We are all about dispelling myths and stating the facts on any issue related to the babies that we dissect.

Take a journey with us at Baby Craze. Your Baby's Virtual God Parent. We're so glad to have you here!

September 19, 2018 by Jessica Reese

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